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Tulsa Family Lawyer

Tulsa Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Should you be considering a divorce, an option for your divorce is a cost-effective and practical is a known as a flat-fee or uncontested divorce. Tulsa, Oklahoma is a no-fault divorce state. This means it is not necessary to state a negative reason for the dissolution of the divorce. Presently all that is needed to obtain a divorce is to state the union is “irretrievably broken.” The couple does not need to agree that the marriage is “broken” and you can still obtain a divorce in Tulsa.

Should you have all the details of your divorce worked out, then your case maybe suitable for a flat fee divorce. A flat fee divorce covers all the areas of a divorce, such as:

Should an agreement already be in place. A flat fee divorce in Tulsa can be accomplished in as little as  20 days. A contested divorce can take months to years to be accomplished.
Our Tulsa flat fee divorce attorney has been working with family and divorce laws for many years; we have assisted various clients with the process of a flat fee divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
On occasion people begin the divorce process of their marriage on their own. This may result in a very complicated legal chaos which does not appear to have an easy solution.
Our legal team will aid you through the complications of a divorce in Tulsa. Although the process has already been started, we can assist you through the difficulties in a divorce. A professional Tulsa flat fee divorce attorney will assist you throughout the difficult process of a divorce. If you and your spouse have all the details of your divorce worked out, your divorce can be obtained much quicker.

Litigation is often costly, if you don’t wish to endure the expenses of a Tulsa divorce in trial , you can always work to obtain a flat fee divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma.