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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Tulsa

A Collaborative divorce is how most people obtain a divorce. This is the simplest and less expensive form of divorce compared to a traditional divorce. Although, a collaborative divorce allows for you and your spouse to come to an agreement of how your lives will be arranged after the marriage. The both of you will be able to make decisions on important issues such as:

Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

The low cost is the primary advantage of a collaborative divorce in Tulsa. If the level of conflict between the two is minimal, a collaborative divorce offers to keep it this way throughout the divorce process. It is also keep very private. The agreements reached between the two in a collaborative divorce and what is filed with the court will be a public record, but the disclosures you make to each other will not be. the various proposals you discuss during the process as you reach an agreement will not be public either.

Disadvantages of a Collaborative Divorce

While collaborative divorces require the cooperation between parties, it is not an ideal process when the parties are unable to talk with each other. If your spouse refuses to make any discussion or agreements with you in regards to the divorce then the idea of a collaborative divorce is not suited for your situation. If you are determined to file for a divorce you'll have no other option, but to serve them with the process and do it the traditional way.

If you and your spouse feel a collaborative divorce is the best decision for both of you and you both are able to come to an agreement give us a call to assist you with the details.