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Child Custody Attorney in Tulsa

Are you worried about how much time you will be getting with your children after a divorce?

The immeasurable majority of American jurisdictions, including in Tulsa, Oklahoma it is assumed that both birth parents are equally competent and capable to care for the child. Gender is not taken into account for custody purposes during divorce proceedings.

The prevailing presumption in Oklahoma child custody divorce cases is the child’s best interest and finding the best suitable home for the child. The Best Interest Doctrine does not focus on marital or gender based preferences, but instead looks for what the court decides to be in the Best Interest of the Child. This doctrine is extremely difficult to define.

Along with other major factors, the Best Interest approach, seeks to maintain the status of the parent child relationship. This is done as well in order to keep both parents involved to some degree in the children's lives after a divorce in Tulsa. In addition the court will look to see which parent is better suited in terms of maturity and ability to care for the child. The parent must be able to provide an environment which is encouraging to the child's long term development and growth.

A Joint custody divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma - is the shared legal custody of the children.

A parenting arrangement in which both parents equally, acting in the child's best interest. Both parents will share legal responsibility for childrearing. This responsibility may be limited or may be extended to all day to day decision making in the child’s best interest. A joint custody divorce case requires the highest level of cooperation between both parents. This will be less likely to be upheld in situations where parents are unable to cooperate in matters of childrearing.

Another form of shared custody divorce is also called Joint Custodial Custody. This entails the equal division of physical custody of the child between both parents. Typically, shared custodial custody is when the child or children live with one parent for half of the year and with the other parent for the remaining of the year. The courts will analyze this arrangement in order to ensure that moving the child from one home to another will not be disruptive to the child development.

f you are going through a divorce in Tulsa, Oklahoma having a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer by your side will better your chances in obtaining favorable results.